Angel Investor Program


Tapping the talent pool

Startups that have angel investors as mentors perform significantly better than those without. Mercury has developed an Angel Investor Program designed to attract the very best senior executives/investors to mentor and provide specialized domain expertise to its startups.


Early stage investment – side by side with top-tier venture capital firms

Angel investment in each Mercury startup is structured as a seed investment coupled with a right to invest additional funds in the Series A Preferred alongside top-tier venture capital. This structure avoids many of the pitfalls typical of early stage investing. Angels can put more funds to work, and be confident that the venture firm leading the Series A round will establish a fair price, and that a strong executive team will be in place. The venture firm will also shoulder the responsibility of management oversight and fiduciary monitoring. Angels will enjoy the same returns as the venture firms participating in the round. 


Unique attractions of the Mercury Angel Investor Program

A personal fit

  • Carefully identified start-ups: large scale, high quality, major market opportunities
  • Businesses individually matched to an angel’s own expertise


The best investment option

  • Early stage investing, alongside top-tier venture firms
  • Realistic, reliable deal price set by lead venture firm
  • Returns matching those of participating top-tier venture firms
  • Lower-risk/lower-effort investment


A more satisfying investment

  • Mentoring senior executives in domain of expertise
  • Social connection to expert angel group
  • Direct contribution to the startup’s success