Executive Program


Tapping the talent pool

Mercury works with seasoned executives on an exploratory basis to assess and evolve startup concepts into compelling, fundable business plans.  Our founding teams are formed through this process. 


Better funded startups

Mercury’s approach generates a larger Series A round of investment than is secured by  a traditional startup.  A Mercury startup’s executive team enjoys –

  • an option pool with much greater intrinsic value, 
  • more financial stability,
  • top-tier advisors and venture investors,
  • a longer runway, and
  • less risk.


Competitive compensation for top executives

The higher funding level helps close the compensation gap, making startup participation a tempting career option for top executives from established companies and successful later stage startups.  Mercury identifies and recruits proven executive talent to its startups’ founding teams.



Support and mentoring

Mercury works closely with founding executives throughout the development phase, providing a host of support services for evolving the business plan and progressing towards a successful launch.


Mercury also creates an advisory board for each startup, bringing in angel investors with appropriate business or technology expertise to mentor the executive team.


A unique opportunity

A successful Mercury startup can offer its CEO and other top executives a level of compensation that they could rarely attain working for an established company.