What We Do


Frame the opportunity

Innovative technologies and leading-edge business models create opportunities to provide products and services that were never before possible. Mercury’s expertise focuses on consumer-branded startups that have the potential to attain a leading market position in a major category and a global reach.


Develop the concept

Mercury leads a far-reaching strategic planning process, collaborating with potential angels/mentors, executives and partners to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each startup and refine its concept. 


Attract angels as mentors

Mercury identifies areas of the startup’s business where additional expertise will be critical and approaches active angels, proven entrepreneurs and thought leaders with relevant domain experience, inviting them to participate as angel investors. 

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Build the executive team

Mercury startups are better funded, and are thus able to offer attractive compensation packages to top executive and board talent.  Seasoned executives with the skills and experience to lead a startup join the founding team.


Because Mercury startups are better funded, executives benefit from a larger option pool, greater financial stability, and support from top-tier advisors and venture investors. 

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Attract supporting organizations

Mercury matches for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with startups that can help these organizations achieve their own strategic objectives, such as regional job growth or new channel creation.  In return for their investment participation, the startup undertakes to satisfy certain broader objectives of these organizations. 


Find strategic partners

Mercury startups build key strategic partnerships as early as possible.  The right partner can accelerate a startup’s entry into a market and enhance its visibility.  Early partners also have the best opportunity to influence the design and operating plan of a startup to better align with their own strategic objectives. 


Bring in venture capital 

Mercury and the executive team proceed with a startup project only if a top-tier venture capital firm commits to the investment and leads the Series A round.  Top-tier venture firms have proven expertise in nurturing companies from early stage to global success. 


Mercury works closely with the executive team until launch and then participates at the board level to help build the startup’s long-term success.