Mercury Programs – Overview 


Mercury’s approach to nurturing promising startups is based on five tailored programs that maximize the contribution of – and the returns for – angel investors, the founding executive team, business partners, supporting organizations, and top-tier venture capital firms.


Angel Investor Program

Mercury has developed a unique program to attract active angels, proven entrepreneurs and thought leaders with relevant domain experience to each startup. 

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Executive Program

Mercury startups have sufficient funding to offer attractive compensation packages, enabling proven senior executives to join their founding teams. 

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Partner Program

Mercury startups identify key strategic partnership opportunities early, and cultivate mutually  beneficial relationships.  

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Supporting Organizations Program

Mercury startups seek funding from regional development agencies, non-profit organizations or business corporations that can meet their own strategic objectives by supporting a successful commercial enterprise.  


Venture Capital Investor Program

Mercury targets top-tier venture firms to lead the Series A round, guiding the development of the company and ensuring effective management of the invested funds.  

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