Partner Program


Building partnerships early

Mercury works with potential partners to evolve a concept, develop a strategic fit, and lay the foundations for a profitable business relationship between startup and partner.


The value of partnerships

Partnering with an innovative startup is often the best way for an established company to explore exciting new avenues of business at relatively low cost and low risk.


Opportunities could include becoming a preferred supplier, playing an exclusive role in a startup’s supply chain, or establishing a market leading position in a new channel.


Unique attractions of the Mercury Partner Program

  • A well-funded startup, with the necessary resources to grow, succeed, and  become a dependable long-term partner.
  • Experienced CEO and management team, with the capability to design and implement complex strategic plans.
  • A well-defined business plan, enabling a potential business partner to make sound decisions about how to structure its relationship with the startup.
  • Early stage involvement, allowing the partner to influence the design and operating plan of the startup to best align with its own objectives.